(SPC) rigid core and (WPC) wood plastic composite are two popular types of flooring materials that share some similarities but also have some key differences. Here are some of the main differences between SPC rigid core and WPC flooring:

  1. Material composition: SPC rigid core flooring is made of a stone-plastic composite core, which consists of limestone powder, PVC, and stabilizers, and is topped with a printed vinyl layer and a wear layer. WPC flooring, on the other hand, is made of a composite core layer, consisting of wood fibers or flour and plastic, and is also topped with a printed vinyl layer and a wear layer.
  2. Water resistance: Both SPC rigid core and WPC flooring are water-resistant, but SPC rigid core is generally considered to be more water-resistant due to its stone-plastic composite core, which is denser and less porous than the composite core of WPC flooring.
  3. Durability: SPC rigid core flooring is highly durable and able to withstand wear and tear, impact, and heavy foot traffic. It is also less likely to dent or scratch than WPC flooring, which can be more susceptible to damage from heavy furniture or dropped objects. It is important that you select the right thickness in an SPC laminate product. We have found that some of the "cheaper" laminates on the market and sold at the big box stores are too thin.  This leads to premature product failures! 
  4. Appearance: Both SPC rigid core and WPC flooring offer a wide range of styles and designs, but SPC rigid core typically offers a more realistic wood or tile look, while WPC can have a more synthetic or plastic appearance.
  5. Cost: SPC rigid core flooring is generally more expensive than WPC flooring due to its higher-quality materials and increased durability.

Ultimately, the best option for you will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. It's important to compare the pros and cons of each option and consult with a flooring expert before making a decision. 

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