Eco Carpet Pad


Wool padding

This thick, luxurious carpet cushion surpasses all expectations. Unlike carpet padding made from petroleum-based urethane, synthetic latex or questionable post consumer content, these unique cushions are made from 100% wool. They have not been sprayed with pyrethrins, nor laced with any other toxic additives. They're 100% natural and made in the USA.

Natural Whisper Wool Cushion rolls are 6' wide and 3/8" thick.

A good carpet cushion can add to the useful life of a carpet. It can also improve the acoustical and thermal properties and reduce the overall maintenance costs.

  • Natural
  • Absorbs VOC's and formaldehyde
  • Provides acoustic insulation
  • Antimicrobial
  • GreenSpec Listed
  • Low flammability

Memory foam pad (Soy based)

Healthier Choice Memory Foam Carpet Cushion is simply the world's best carpet cushion. Bringing you the best of all – luxurious comfort, safety and sustainability, all in a high quality, durable cushion that will help your carpet look better and last longer. At the core of Healthier Choice’s cushion is a patented technology known as visco-elastic frothed polyurethane foam. This truly unique foam has the ability to resist crushing even after years of extended use, providing your carpet with the long-lasting support it needs. Available in five gauges for all carpet types.